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Group Members

Roger Sweeney (2001-2005)
Jeremy Calloway (2005-2007)
Heath Pannel (2007)
Mike Young (2008-2012)
Tim Owens (2012)
Will Shaw (2012-2015)
Shannon Burns (2015-2016)
Mike Franklin (2016-present)

Ben Harris (2001-present)

Keith Harris (2001-2004)
Trevor Haley (2004-2010)
Adam Forsythe (2010-2011)
David Fair (2011-2012)
Darrell Marshall (2012)
Paul Ross (2012-2013) (also played piano)
Randy Shaw (2013-present) (also played piano)

Charles Brantley (2001-2006)
Alan Brewster (2006-2010; 2012; 2013-present)
Rick Fair (2010-2012)
Michael Arnott (2012-2013)

Brian Alvey (2006)
Woody Beatty (2006-2007)
Brian Hanson (2007)
Barry Patrick (2008-2012)
Steve Fryar (2012)
Paul Ross (2012-2013) (also sang baritone)
Randy Shaw (2013-present) (also sang baritone)
Bret Warren (2015-present)

Southern Sound (2001-Present)


2001 One Voice (Zion Music Group): Jordan's Swelling Tide; I Told Everybody; Some Day?; He'll Be There; Wealthy Fellow; Going Up To Heaven Someday; The Galilean; This Is The Day; Why; Go Down To Nineveh; I'm Coming Home (Roger Sweeney, Ben Harris, Keith Harris, Charles Brantley).

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Page last modified on October 06, 2017, at 04:26 AM EST