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Dixe Melody Boys, 1979

Group Members

(Partial List)

Ralph Walker (????-????)
Charles Forehand (????-????)
Jimmy Jones (????-????)
Frank Sutton (????-????)
Phillip Barker (1978, 1980-1984)
Ernie Haase (1985)
Derrick Boyd (1987-1993; 2019-present)
Harold Reed (1993-2004)
Dan Keeton (2004-2007)
Jonathan Price (2007-2010)
Matt Felts (2010-2014)
Doug Pittman (2014-2017)
Jerry Skaggs (2017-2019)

Avis Adkins (????-????)
David Kimball (????-????)
John Jarman (????-????)
McCray Dove (1987-1997)
Jamie Caldwell (1997-2000; 2019-present/filling in)
Devin McGlamery (2000-2004)
Dustin Sweatman (2004-2006) (switched from baritone)
Donald Morris (2006, 2009-2013)
Bryan Walker (2006-2007) (Switched to Baritone)
Rob Shelton (2007-2008)
Joe Kitson (2008-2009)
Mike Rogers (2013)
Austin Foster (2013)
Josh Garner (2013-2019)
Nathan Potts (2019)
Cayden Howell (2019-present)

Gene Payne (????-????)
Delmar Tilman (????-????)
Tom Jones (????-????)
Allen O'Neal (1984-1986)
Larry Delawder (1986-1987)
Nathan Widener (1987-1990)
Bill Bass (1990-1992)
Rodney Griffin (1992-1994)
David Needham (1995-1997)
Craig Singletary (1997-1998)
Kenny Cook? (1998)
Derrick Selph (1998-2003)
Dustin Sweatman (2003-2004) (switched to lead)
Andrew King (2004-2007)
Bryan Walker (2007) (Switched from Lead)
Steven Cooper (2007-2013)
Aaron Dishman (2013-2016) (also played piano)
Willie Sawrey (2016-present)

Marvin Harris (????-????)
Don Henderson (1964-1965)
Ed O'Neal (1965-Present) (beginning in 2019, he began appearing only at select dates in a featured vocalist role)
Will Lane (2019)
Earl Roberts (2019-present)

Tony Brown (1962-1964)
Greg Simpkins (????-????)
Jerry Kelso (1978-1985)
Steve Wood (1989 1992)
Eric Ollis (1992-2004)
Aaron Dishman (2013-2016) (Also sang baritone)

Darren Humphrey (1986-1988)

Dixe Melody Boys, 1975

Dixie Melody Boys (1962-Present)


Singing News Fan Awards:
Horizon Group (1988)


The Dixie Melody Boys was organized in the spring of 1962 by then manager of the group Avis Adkins. Original members of the group were Avis singing lead, Ralph Walker at tenor, Gene Payne on baritone, Marvin Harris at bass and a young Tony Brown on piano. Tony went on to play with JD Sumner & the Stamps and later became a record producer in Nashville. The original group would go on to record three albums.

The Ed O'Neal era would begin in the late 1960s when he came to fill in for the group, a story he has relayed many times from the stage. He would eventually take ownership of the group and move them to Kinston North Carolina. Ed has been at the helm of the group now for over 40 years. Since their beginning the group has over 50 recordings to their credit.

The modern era of the group has dubbed Ed, the dean of Ed O'Neal University. Many talented individuals have sung with Ed O'Neal over the years, including McCray Dove, Rodney Griffin, Ernie Haase, Harold Reed, Devin McGlamery and Dustin Sweatman just to name a few.


Due to the large number of projects recorded by the Dixie Melody Boys, the discography section has been divided into separate pages by decade. Please click on one of the links below to access the decade you wish to view.

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